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While most couples seek help during times of conflict and distress, couple therapy (also known as couples therapy, couple counselling, relationship counselling, and marriage counselling) can be useful at all stages of a relationship.  You and your partner may wish to address small issues before they grow bigger. 


You may want to revitalize passion and intimacy, or develop a deeper sense of closeness and satisfaction in your relationship.  If you are always arguing – about sex, money, how to raise children and deal with in-laws, or anything else – you may

Couple Therapy

want to learn to communicate without fighting or disconnecting.  You may have discovered that your partner has been unfaithful, and you struggle to decide what to do.

Couple therapy can assist you with a wide range of relationship issues.  It can help you identify and change negative communication patterns in your relationship.  It can give you tools and techniques to improve conflict resolution.  It can help you restore emotional closeness, intimacy, and trust.  Couple therapy can also help you decide whether to marry or divorce.  Moreover, it can assist you in getting through a separation or divorce in a mature way for your sake or for the welfare of your children.

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