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Anxiety is such a common issue that almost everyone experiences it at some point in life.  For many people anxiety is an ongoing reality they live with day in and day out – some days are just better than others.  Although some worry about major events and practical issues is a normal part of life, anxiety becomes a problem when it affects your ability to function.

You may be constantly worrying about almost everything, or have a tendency to imagine the worst case scenario and get very stressed.  You may feel vulnerable as if something bad can  

Therapy for Anxiety

happen at any moment, or have obsessive thoughts that cause you distress and that you can’t seem to shake.  You may often feel nervous, scared, terrified, or unable to relax.  You may even have full-blown panic attacks.

Whether you experience these symptoms in response to specific situations or objects, or without a specific trigger, psychotherapy can help.  Anxiety is both the most common and the most treatable mental health issue.  Therapy for anxiety can help you with panic attacks, irrational fears, phobias, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, stress, as well as excessive worrying, nervousness, and tension.  It can help you to alleviate your symptoms and to discover or rediscover your peace of mind. 

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