WHAT IF, instead, you could replace despair with hope, sadness with joy, anxiety with calmness, and self-doubt with self-esteem?  What if you could heal your wounds?  Improve your relationships?  What if you could break free of your limiting patterns and discover your better self?


I know how impossible it seems – believe me, I’ve been there – but you don’t have to do it alone.  Whatever the source of your pain, together we can get at that source.  Whatever the cause of your suffering, together we can discover the cause.  And together, we can work for positive change.  

You are not expected to come to psychotherapy with well-defined mental health issues.  Sometimes you may not know what is wrong; you just know that something is wrong. 


And you don’t have to be psychologically or emotionally unwell to benefit from counselling.  From time to time, we can all use an unbiased third party to talk to – someone who will listen empathetically and, with the right tools in place, help you to find solutions to life’s challenges.


Welcome to my practice.  My name is Halyna.  I am a Registered Psychotherapist.


Psychotherapy is my second career and my calling.  My approach is integrative and holistic.  I adjust it to the unique needs of each client by integrating ideas and methods from across a variety of counselling models.  I consider not only the psychological and emotional, but also the spiritual, political, and bodily concerns of my clients.  I believe in the power of commitment, compassion, and collaboration in the therapeutic process.  

Halyna Batsoura, MC, RP


Personal growth is a lifelong process.  Sometimes, problems and difficulties are the triggers that awaken the desire to grow and make changes in one’s life...

Depression is a common issue that can negatively affect how you feel, think, or act.  It can be experienced in different ways and for different reasons...

Anxiety is such a common issue that almost everyone experiences it at some point in life.  For many people anxiety is an ongoing reality they live with day in and day out...

While most couples seek help during times of conflict and distress, couple therapy can be useful at all stages of a relationship...

Bipolar disorder, previously called manic depression, is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings...

Dealing with the aftermath of a motor-vehicle accident (MVA) can be challenging and confusing.  Many individuals experience a significant increase in stressors...

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